is a highly versatile software; it is both a video editor & player and a music video maker with effects. If you are someone who is looking for software to make your videos more vivid and rich, this application will be a sincere choice for you. Since its launch, the game has attracted many users. With the current version 1.17.10179, the application has completed and fixed basic errors.

2020 is the boom year for the video-sharing social network TikTok. The dominance of social networks in the entertainment field has opened up a trend of using and sharing interesting cut videos from their daily life.

If you are a TikToker or have a passion for posting entertainment videos on Facebook, Instagram, then is a suitable application for you. This is the leading application in creating free music videos with sharp quality, helping you to create much interesting content to post on social networks. With its powerful features, has become one of the indispensable applications on Android devices.



EXTREMELY USEFUL SOFTWARE ONLY is an exceptionally widely used software in more than 40 countries worldwide. Not only that, but it also received a lot of praise not only from most consumers but also from prominent critics. The software was born to serve the music needs of everyone, especially influencers – Vloggers, advertisers, or other short film producers to make videos more special.

The software offers many diverse effects, each with a different name for users to recognize quickly. In addition, these effects are also divided into many categories such as vlogs, fun, melodies… to create the most awesome videos possible. Not only that, but the software also contains many songs that are available or popular on the market, with extremely high quality but without consuming too much volume.

DIFFERENT EFFECTS AND EASY TO USE is free software with a straightforward interface that is easy to use. First, you need to allow access to this software with the collection in your device. Then select the available video that you want to edit, then the software will automatically show the effects below the screen; the simple thing you need to do is choose the right effect for your video. Finally, download it to your devices; the more significant the video length, the longer it will take, forcing you to wait.

In the meantime, you must not turn off or switch to other software because it will interrupt the download and take more time. In addition, the software can also connect to social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… to help you share the videos you have made for others to see and share useful applications. This benefit comes to your friends to experience the same. This is nothing better.

PICTURE SHOW & SOUND DUBBING is not only noted for adding effects to videos, but it can also create slideshows, combine photos or short videos to create the complete video. The usage is the same as above, but instead of selecting a single video to edit, you now have to select multiple images or videos at once and arrange them in the order you want. It turns seemingly disjointed photos into beautiful videos.

To create a good video, music cannot be necessary. Instead, you can choose it in the accompanying effects or the music collection of the software through online crafting or the song on your device. In addition, you can also choose the melody you like the most in that song by clicking on the song, then dragging to the tune you need, finally pressing the ok button. This feature makes the video from simple, ordinary to classy, and extremely trendy.


In this software, you can also customize the resolution depending on your machine configuration. Because the higher the resolution, the larger the capacity will be. With a maximum resolution of 720P, you are making it possible to export customized videos and make the most professional editor possible. But that does not mean that choosing a lower resolution will produce bad video quality; the image it brings still contains true and eye-catching colors.

The software can also be used for all platforms, both on phones and PCs. You do not need to worry about the software draining your battery because it does not take up too much space and is optimized for capacity. In addition, for PC users, MEmu on the software also provides you with many features beyond your imagination. And many other exciting features are equally important waiting for you to discover. is a highly worthy tool that you should try. It includes many of the elements that are necessary to create a classy video without spending any money. This is also an ideal place for you to unleash your creativity and express your style.

Fun music video maker

To create an interesting and engaging video, the sound is very important. provides users with a huge music store with the ability to update songs trending quickly. Trends on TikTok or other social networking sites last a few days to a week, so it requires you to create unique videos to keep up with the trend.

You can clearly see that the Viral videos are often edited with transitions that match the melody of the music. For inexperienced people, it will be difficult to catch up correctly. With, that will become a lot easier. You just need to merge the photos you like, then will automatically follow the music to create impressive videos.

Effects are also highlights of this app. With a collection of fun, eye-catching effects that will make your video stand out.

If you often use music video editors on Android, you will find somewhat similar to the InShot app. These two applications have many similar functions and tools, both allowing users to create entertaining videos. However, each app has its own highlights. If you want to find a tool to help you create professional, complex videos, InShot will be more suitable. If you just want to create funny videos to post to TikTok, please choose

In addition, this application also allows users to post videos directly to social networking sites like Tiktok or Facebook. No need for cumbersome manipulation to save and download videos, reaching friends and society have been shortened more convenient.


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